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Women in Life Transition

We are women helping women manage their money

In the 21st century you would think finding a female financial advisor would be a bit easier, but we are still a rare breed! Women have been underserved in the financial service sector for decades, but our team is here to change all of that. We’re breaking down the old industry standards of intimidation and shifting the focus to what matters: our relationship with you.  

If you’re looking for a female financial advisor, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to empower you to make your own decisions and design your own future through a financial plan anchored to your goals, i.e., what you want out of life. 

Did you know that at some point, nearly 90% of women will become solely responsible for their own finances, due to divorce or the loss of a spouse? We’ll help you feel comfortable managing your money, your way. 

Building Connections 

We put relationships first. That means when you call, you’ll get to talk to someone familiar with your situation. The Curo Private Wealth experience involves open conversations where questions are welcomed, a nurturing environment where you’re encouraged to grow, and unbiased information, advice, and education on all things finance. 

Life never stays the same for very long. Maybe you’re considering a career change, getting a divorce, having kids for the first time, buying a home, or just want to take control of your finances so you can sleep better at night. As women ourselves, we’ve faced many of these same situations. We’ll help you gain the clarity and confidence in your finances that you’ve been looking for. 

The process we have created is tailored to women going through a life transition and has three stages to guide which decisions need to be made quickly and which can wait:

  1. Taking care of you. We listen first to your goals, questions, hopes, fears, and dreams. We can help you address any decisions that need to be made by prioritizing them based on importance. We can focus on your immediate needs such as getting a spending plan in place, understanding your cash flow, ensuring sufficient cash in an emergency fund, and assessing your asset allocation.
  2. Taking care of business. The next step, once you have gotten through the initial stages of grief, is to begin focusing on more long-term financial planning. We may review things like retirement plans, possible career changes, estate planning, and tax planning. 
  3. Taking care of more. In the final step of our process, we focus on advanced planning strategies. Here, we may address any special family issues or goals. We take into consideration any stories, values, or aspirations you may have for future generations.

By the time we have gone through our process together, our hope is that you may feel financially independent with a sense of clarity and a plan for your future.

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