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"Wealth Builders"

Starting to build wealth? We see you, and you matter. 

What exactly do we mean by “first generation wealth builder?” You might be one if you didn’t receive a financial inheritance, you don’t yet have a substantial amount of investable assets, you’re earning a high income, and you’re looking to make strategic decisions today to help secure your wealth in the decades to come.  

People who are "first generation wealth builders" don’t usually have a financial advisor relationship passed down from generations in their family. You may feel like you don’t have someone you could trust or have open conversations about what strategic financial moves you should make now, to get to where you want to be later. 

That’s where Curo comes in. Many of us on our team are "first generation wealth builders" ourselves, so we understand the position you’re in. We also know you can start today, building a foundation to do more with the money you’re making now. If you’re building wealth and find yourself asking questions about how to create potential for yourself with your career, your 401(k), or even your company stock options, we can help.

Curo By Your Side

We’re a confidante.

We’re a source of education.

We’ll help you figure out what it is you really want out of your wealth. (Do you want to pay off debt? Do you want to buy a house – really?)

We encourage you to be authentically you. Don’t make goals based on what society or your family wants you to do; let’s figure out what YOU want five, ten, and twenty years from now.

Building and accumulating wealth doesn’t just happen; it takes intentionality through a defined process.

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