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Team Member Spotlight: Oscar Salgado

February 29, 2024

Can you share a brief overview of your role within the company and what your day-to-day responsibilities are like?

As a critical part of the client service experience at Curo, I support managing directors/advisors by preparing client meeting details, assisting with reports, and handling clients' requests such as new account openings, money movement, and trades.

What's a recent project you've worked on that you're particularly proud of, and what impact did it have on the company?

The most recent project I worked on, and it is usually the year-end project is making sure all of our clients take their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) by December 31st.  This ensures that no client misses taking their RMD and is assessed a penalty fee of 25% (Previously 50%) of their RMD amount.

How do you stay motivated and innovative in your role, especially during challenging times?

Believe it or not, my biggest motivator is the Curo Team. I work with such great individuals who work hard at their positions and for the firm that pushes me to be the best version of myself at work. I start by setting goals that I let my team know during our quarterly reviews and they hold me accountable to reach these goals by reviewing them during the next review. I listen and read market news to stay current on what is happening in the markets or learn about a new company or investment product.

Outside of work, what are some hobbies or passions that you pursue?

My biggest passion now is cooking. Before I entered the finance world, I worked in the restaurant industry as a server and would watch the cooks during service. My favorite chef is Gordon Ramsey and I started watching him on his Hell’s Kitchen show which is a great show to see how a restaurant kitchen works. Currently, I am binge-watching MasterChef which is geared towards the average home cook. As for hobbies, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, snowboarding, golfing, and eating at new places.

Looking forward, what's one goal you have for the next year, either professionally or personally?

One goal that I would like to set for myself is to live a healthier lifestyle. A few years ago, I believed that I was in the best version of myself before I moved to Baltimore and since then I’ve only developed bad habits. In living a healthier lifestyle, I want to have a workout routine/schedule, cook more, and do the active activities I love like hiking, mountain biking, and daily walks.