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Retirement Planning

401(k) plans, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Social Security, Pensions, Deferred Compensation … how can you seek to re-create a paycheck for your self in retirement?

This is a key question we help clients answer every day. While you are saving to your various retirement plans, during the “accumulation” phase, the main focus is on saving as much as possible to the appropriate retirement vehicles.

When you decide to “make work optional”, or retire, you move into the “distribution” phase. One of our areas of focus is on helping our clients tax-efficiently and effectively distribute their assets in retirement. Our objectives are minimizing taxes, maximizing distributions, and ensuring your assets last a lifetime.

It may seem confusing and overwhelming, but we love trying to solve the retirement income puzzle!

We invite you to experience a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Contact Us for a confidential and complimentary second opinion.