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If you have recently inherited wealth, you may be feeling overwhelmed with many emotions. We have found that many financial professionals only focus on the money. Though that is important, we will begin by talking about how you are feeling and what you would like to accomplish. One piece of immediate advice we share with our clients is: don’t rush into any decision. Take a deep breath and realize this wealth was left to you for a reason.


An inheritance can be a tremendous opportunity to plan your financial future, and it requires planning and patience. We can assist in helping you cultivate a plan for your financial goals. 


Fortunately, the process that we have created can also be applied to wealth that you may have inherited.

We will start by focusing on the foundation you have already set up in previous steps: your family, occupation, and recreation. If no further assessment is needed, we can begin the process of helping you establish a financial plan for your inheritance.


The process we have created is tailored to women going through a life transition and has three stages to guide which decisions need to be made quickly and which can wait:


  1. Taking care of you. We may first listen to your goals, questions you may have, fears, and dreams. Assessing your goals can help you prioritize which decisions need to be made now and which ones can wait. With this assessment, we can focus on your immediate needs like asset allocation, your emergency funds, and understanding your cash flow.
  2. Taking care of business. After you have gotten through the initial stages of grief, the next step is to begin focusing on your long-term financial plans. We may consider your retirement plans, career changes, and estate planning.
  3. Taking care of more. The last step of the process is dedicated to advanced planning strategies. Here, we may assess any family issues or goals. We may consider any aspirations, stories, or values you could have for the future generations.


After completing the process, we hope that you may have a clear financial plan in place and a sense of financial independence.