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How Mindfulness Can Help You Become a Better Investor

March 06, 2020
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It struck me the other day that mindfulness is the foundation of all values-based and healthy decisions  - whether it’s with money and intentional spending, health and eating foods that make your body feel great and energetic, relationships and spending time with people that bring you joy and lift you up, or investing in the financial markets and preventing yourself from making emotional, fear-based impulsive decisions, say when the markets are volatile, like they are right now.  You can also look around your home or office and be aware if your space is filled with things that bring you joy like Marie Kondo teaches.  


While practicing meditation helps us to become more mindful and aware, you don't necessarily have to sit in deep meditation for minutes or hours on end to improve your mindfulness. A quick and effective awareness exercise is called a Body Scan, and you can literally check in with yourself in a matter of seconds, or in this case a minute.  


So I’d like to invite you to do a quick one with me right now. Before we get into it, I want you to think of a body scan as the light of a photocopier that steadily and evenly scans your body starting at your head, and down to your toes. So get in a comfortable position, and begin by taking a few deep breaths.  As you breath out, gently close your eyes and just notice how your body feels right now. Gently scan down beginning at your head. Notice what feels comfortable, what feels uncomfortable, don't try to change or judge anything as good or bad, just notice, be curious. Scan down evenly, noticing each part of your body all the way down to your toes. and when you're ready, open your eyes.

So there you have it - a quick body scan that you can literally do anywhere at anytime to improve your awareness. Thank you for being open to doing a body scan with me today.

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